MELODY- (future breeder)
3rd generation Doodle Dandy.English,
retriever coated.  Will produce  
gorgeous F1 type doodles (just a bit
more than 50% poodle)
Gorgeous, deep red  Moyen/Klien
Poodle,  She draws admiring
crowds! Introducing new blood into
our lines.
SKYE-50 lb.
2nd generation Doodle Dandy. Loves
the water and ALWAYS looking for
something to carry! Producer of
Service Dogs.
3rd generation Doodle Dandy.
We will hold back 2
( 4th Gen DD)
girls from her next litter and she
will be retired in 2018.
For more information please contact:

          MOONPIE-50 lb.
3rd generation Doodle Dandy
.Two siblings are service dogs,
some are therapy dogs.
        MOSES -45LB.
3rd generation Doodle Dandy
F1B   English  Goldendoodle
Merle w/ light Phantom.  
         ASTRO- 27 LB.
From the original Teegan Park
"Cobber Dog" lines, this mini
Australian Labradoodle. will
father our double doodles
(labradoodle  x goldendoodle)
                   VERA-30 LB
She is out of Kasey (retired) and
Kelly, and she will be producing
our first double doodle litter
               MALACHI JAX- 25 LB.
F1B English Goldendoodle. Out
of Kelly, who fathered so many
of our minis over the years.          
Doodle Shopping List
BLAZE-  Mini Poodle. Our
newest Stud prospect     
Training for AKC Obedience
and Agility. We have some
plans for his future!!   
              PRADA-45 LB.
UKC Champion Bloodlines, She
Introduces new blood into our
Doodle Dandy lines.

        FLORA-(future breeder)
3rd generation Doodle Dandy,
merle retriever coat, different
colored eyes, will produce F1 type
doodles (just a bit more than 50%