I have an amazing story to tell about our goldendoodle, Mario, who our family
adopted from Doodle Dandy GoldenDoodles.... We’ve had Mario since he
was a pup; he is now 6 ...
For the past week, Mario has been waking me up multiple times throughout
the night by standing by face and whining until I wake up. I’ve been trying
everything to figure out why he’s been doing this. I was worried something
was wrong with him andI, frankly, was exhausted from being woken up so
much. I just couldn’t figure it out because everything was normal with Mario
except for this one thing. I was at my wits end and as it seemed to be more
like a behavioral issue than a health issue for Mario I contacted our breeder,
Linda, to see if she could help me figure out what was happening.... Linda
asked “Is he sensing a change in somebody’s breathing like a... service dog
would do?” {(he has no service dog training} Bells  went off in my head
because I have sleep apnea, which Linda did not know, and I don’t use my
CPAP machine. Also, I was the only person in the house Mario was trying to
wake up and once I was up he settled down and went about his business as
usual….until I was asleep again and within an hour he was waking me up...
last night I used the CPAP machine. And guess what? Mario did not wake me
Our beloved dog was trying to save my life!!  I must have stopped
breathing several times throughout the night and he was waking me to get
me to breathe again. Incredible! What an AMAZING animal....I just can’t
explain the feeling of immense gratitude and love I have for him...Lea
Matthew & Mario
Smuckers is one of the sweetest, most docile pups we have ever had the
pleasure of owning. She has the greatest disposition, is very obedient,
so eager to please and is so smart picking up new tricks. We never take
her anywhere that she doesn't leave without new fans, whether it's a walk
in the park, a vet visit or passing by the neighborhood school bus stop
on a walk...everybody loves Smuckers! She gets along great with other
dogs too! She has become the center of our family, and we could not be
happier!. Scott & Diane  
WE ROCKED!!...The evaluator said we did unusually well.  We (COMET and
I) passed on a level three, the highest level, the first time around...(and the
only dog in his class to pass!).That means we are qualified to go into
complex situations, ANYWHERE
.....Comet is such a special boy..
They Loved COMET the minute they saw him... I am so happy you can't
Catherine Gibson, prop.: Catherine Gibson Glass, Mystic, CT

Also purchased SARGE: "Canine Good Citizen" titled @ 6 MONTHES OLD,
certified DELTA Therapy Dog  on 1st birthday!   
Prior to getting our puppy from Doodle Dandy Doodles, we put in a lot of
research about Goldendoodles. From sizing to coloring to breeders, we
wanted to be sure we found the right dog for our lifestyle. When we first
met our now 1 1/2-year-old girl, we knew we picked the right breeder.
Reagan... is a loving, intelligent, and sweet-tempered dog. Not to mention,
she is super clean and doesn't shed at all! Reagan is excellent with
children, adults, and other animals. This breeder was wonderful to work
with and we highly recommend. When we are ready to add a second dog to
our family we will definitely be choosing another Doodle Dandy Doodle!
Meghan and Jon Galli  
My husband and I brought Duffy home from Doodle Dandy on our 44th
wedding anniversary in June of 2013 .  He was the best present we
have ever gotten for any occasion.  He was SO easy to house train - we
were done in about a week!  
He passed the Canine Good Citizen test
with ease,
and he has been a therapy dog for 2 and 1/2 years now.  His
favorite way to pass time is to cuddle...  He gets along well with his
Labrador big sister, who is 13.  He stays with us constantly and always
wants to go with us in the car, where his manners are impeccable.  
Duffy is just a dream dog, AND we got the LAST pick of his litter!  Marilyn