.... He is an amazing little puppy. He had his first appointment with our vet
and he received a great health report. The vet actually said that she sees
two other dogs from Doodle Dandy Doodles and is always impressed with
how healthy and well they are, so that is a testament to you. ... We have
had very few accidents in the house. .. doing well with the crate training
already So far he has been a fantastic addition to the family....
Tony C. ,Rockland County, NY
Bear and Lola
"Bear is the bomb breed good pups."
Jaime's family now owns two Doodle Dandy puppies: Bear & Lola.
Jaime D., Westport, CT
MAGGIE, an F1b
This is our 5th week with "The Magster", as my wife refers to her.
She is great, never potties in the house, does 6 tricks...absolutely
wonderful with everyone she meets...
Thank you for breeding great dogs.......
Bill L., Providence, RI

We are enjoying Olive and love her to pieces. She is 6 months old
today! Olive is almost 40lbs and is as healthy as can be. She is very
smart and loyal....very sweet tempered...Thanks for such a great pup!

Laurie R.
RUBY, an F1

.I took these pictures on the day she was groomed.
She's a great dog! Thanks...

Nicole L., Smithtown, NY
KIYA, an F1

Kiya is doing well...she rarely barks and is calm and pleasant.
She has met lots of children and is lovely with them all....
Nancy H., NY
HENRY, an F1b

We love him. He is a wonderful dog...great temperament...
Ellen & Rick H., Goldens Bridge, NY
OTTO, a smooth coated F2

Otto is the greatest dog and we are having the best time with him.
He is so good looking and sweet. He is a very quick learner and so
well socialized..we go for walks on the Boston Common and Otto has a
huge fan club already...He has changed my life all for the better!

Barrie F., Coney Island, NY
MOCHA, a smooth coated F2

Mocha goes to school for my daugher's drop-off and pick-up.....Sophia did
her final project on goldendoodles, complete with shoebox diorama...of
course Mocha was the star...She got an A+. The kids were thrilled to meet
Mocha herself after school!....

Kim C., Middletown, NJ  
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