I  just wanted to give you an update on Willow, she's perfect and we just
absolutely love her!! We enrolled her in a 6 week puppy class which she just
passed last week, and she is now AKC certified. She knows sit, down, stay,
leave it, touch, watch me, and look at me, we're still working on the leash
walking though  :-)
The director of the puppy class said she's such a smart dog. She sleeps
through the night, house trained and all. She only had 2 accidents in the house
when we first brought her home, and that was it. She LOVES our yard to run
around in and also loves to bury her head in the snow.
When we initially took her to the vet the day after we brought her home,
Willow's veterinarian spoke very highly of you. She said most dogs she sees
from breeders are never taken for an initial vet visit, never mind having their
feces tested as well. .... We just absolutely love her.
Lauren Wiesse Abbondonzo
We couldn’t love her more. �� Thank you for bringing Ruby into
our lives (Moonpie x Moses)  Carie Martingetti  

I have attached the spay certificate for Gracie (Moonpie x Moses).
She is just the greatest puppy! So calm and well-behaved -- and
yet so fun for my boys! She is very friendly when meeting new
people, and everyone remarks on her beautiful coloring. (She
really does look exactly like Moonpie!) We all love her, and we
love hearing the compliments from everyone who meets her.
Thank you so much for working with us and helping us find this
wonderful addition to our family!"
Take care,    Dana De Vita.
When we choose Killian to be part of our family 6 years  ago, I
never would have expected to have
THREE of these amazing
Doodle Dandy Doodles in our family (plus two friends who have
Doodle Dandy Doodles too!).
My parents and sister both fell in
love with Killian and decided Izzy and
Duke needed to be in the
family too! .... These dogs are so special. So well tempered, so
loving, so fun, and so adorable! Thank you for what you do,
because you make our homes a happier place with fluffy faces
to love!    Kristen Zimmer Hinkley


Willow NOW
Gene and Linda Comstock, Groton, CT
REFERENCE:  dcomstock62@yahoo.com.
We were so impressed by the whole process of bringing
Rose (Peet x
Bentley) into our family a few years ago -- from the “meet & greet” with
Peet (Rose’s mom), the great communication from the moment Rose was
born, the litter update pictures, the puppy selection process, through the
day we brought Rose home with us -- it was just amazing! Rose was so
relaxed when we brought her home, and she was practically
housebroken! You could just tell this pup was well loved and well cared
for. Last year our experience adding
Flynn (Peet x Moses) to our family
was just as great! You gave me great advice on being a multi-dog family,
and we got another an amazing dog from you. Flynn is so loving, so smart,
so fun – and his merle color is so unusual that people stop and ask us
what kind of dog he is. I just can’t say enough good things about Doodle
Dandy and your dogs. Thanks for bringing so much joy into our lives!  
Barbara Noach  
REFERENCE: bnoachmail@gmail.com