Puppy Training

We believe the best person to work/bond with your puppy is YOU and YOUR FAMILY ! We also realize that many need guidance through the process so we have partnered with Baxter & Bella who offer a fabulous FUN program that guides families (including children) through the entire process of puppy and dog raising. The course currently costs under $200 for a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP-YOUR lifetime, not your present dog’s- (USE CODE DOODLEDANDY at checkout) and includes FREE 20-minute face time one-on-ones with a trainer by appointment if needed! We have received fabulous feedback about this program from our clients.

With over 25 individual classes, and more than 35 weeks worth of courses, and all available on-demand, clients can watch what they want, and rewatch as often as they need.
Here is the current list of classes & courses available with a BAXTER & Bella Lifetime Membership…


– Preparing For My Puppy
– Your Brand New Puppy
– Become The Trainer
– Socialization
– Housetraining
– The Crate
– Body Language
– Puppy Biting
– Kids & Puppies
– Patience & Impulse Control
– Leave It
– Loose Leash Walking
– Adolescence
– Wait
– Mat Work
– Losing The Lure
– Life Rewards
– Boredom Busters
– My Adult Dog
– Resource Guarding
– At Home Grooming
– Overstimulation
– Babies & Dogs
– Barking
– Reactivity & Greetings


– 6 Week Puppy Kindergarten / Basic Training
– 6 Week Games & Activities
– 4 Week Kids Junior Training
– 6 Week Intermediate Training
– 4 Week AKC Home Manners
– 6 Week AKC Caning Good Citizen Prep
– 4 Week Advanced Training
– 4 Week Cooperative Care