duffyMy husband and I brought Duffy home from Doodle Dandy on our 44th wedding anniversary in June of 2013 .  He was the best present we have ever gotten for any occasion.  He was SO easy to house train – we were done in about a week!  He passed the Canine Good Citizen test with ease, and he has been a therapy dog for 2 and 1/2 years now.  His favorite way to pass time is to cuddle…  He gets along well with his Labrador big sister, who is 13.  He stays with us constantly and always
wants to go with us in the car, where his manners are impeccable.   Duffy is just a dream dog, AND we got the LAST pick of his litter!  Marilyn Lawson     REFERENCE:     marilyntl@aol.com
Marilyn and her husband also purchased another DoodleDandy puppy in 2020, Tank.